In these times, it’s more important than ever to continue the movement for positive change – a movement to create greater acceptance, compassion, and understanding. Through the Beyond My Face campaign, AboutFace continues to raise awareness and understanding of facial differences and the wider facial difference community.

Unfortunately, our current world has yet to fully evolve to see past appearances.

To get there, we must build acceptance, and educate our peers on what it means to have a facial difference.

Curiosity is objectively harmless, but can come off as daunting to many. The feeling of “otherness” is what we as an organization strive to eliminate.
Support the movement to eliminate discrimination experienced by the facial difference community.


Beyond My Face campaign features members of the facial difference community who are storytellers, leaders, and challengers of stereotypes, and they’re asking everyone to see “beyond our faces, and see everything we are”.

Beyond My Face is AboutFace’s awareness campaign, which challenges the stereotypes and misconceptions of living with a facial difference. The video aims to tackle discrimination and harassment of the facial difference community, while building public understanding and acceptance.

Did you know?

There are more than two million people in Canada with facial differences.  Differences may be congenital, acquired, or episodic. AboutFace’s Beyond My Face campaign works towards building understanding and acceptance, while highlighting the importance of  including facial difference in conversations and policies about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Here’s how you can support the movement

  • Share the video with your family, friends, and wider network.
  • Repost the video on your social media channels.
  • Help people learn more about facial differences and AboutFace’s work. Share information available on our website.
  • Call out facial difference discrimination when you see it!
  • Talk to your school or employer about including facial differences in their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies and procedures.
  • Invite AboutFace to your school or workplace for a presentation about our work and building inclusive spaces and opportunities for the facial difference community.
  • Take the pledge above!
  • Donate to our vital work.